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August 7, 2017 2:20:40 PM EDT

Marble of the World has such a vast selection of unique natural stones that it may be overwhelming to select just one. Choosing your stone is only the first part of your selection process, because you must also decide which stone finish is best suited for your project. Each finish gives the stone a one-of-a-kind quality with unique character and flavor.  It is important to know the differences between them. Take a look below to learn more about just some of the stone finishes we offer.


Polished Finish

Stone with a polished finish features a reflective and glossy appearance with a smooth texture. This type of finish is most popular for kitchen and bathroom vanity countertops, with granite, marble, and quartzite being popular choices. With proper care and the correct cleaning products, polished stones are fairly easy to clean and maintain. 


Honed Finish

Honed stone finish is a softer and velvet-like version of the polished finish. In this finishing process, stone is buffed to a satin-like finish. Honed stone presents a matte finish compared to the shiny or glossy appearance of a polish finish. The surface is smooth to the touch, but has more of a dull texture. 


hydro finish

Hydro finish is the process where stone is finished with a high pressure water jet. This allows the stone to have varying degrees of roughness while maintaining its natural color. The hydro finish can be used on a variety of thickness, allowing for versatility in design and application.


Moon Finish

Newly introduced into our slab inventory, moon finish is a variation of hydro finish that is deeply textured, almost like craters on the moon. This unique finish features landscape surfacing and is popular for stones installed outside, such as the area around a pool.


leathered finish

Leathered finish is a process where the slab is treated with a range of brushes on the surface. This is a way to texturize the stone, achieving a smooth, leather-like texture, which is ideal for those projects that require a softer aesthetic. Trending over the last few years, this “HOT” finish continues to be a popular choice among homeowners and design professionals.  


acid washed

Acid washed stone is treated producing soft and textured markings that give the stone a unique definition. Because of the one-of-a-kind texture, this finish gives off a rustic appearance. 


Brushed Finish

Brushed stone is the process in which the surface of a slab is brushed in order to achieve a worn, aged look. This finish is similar to leathered in its process, but it results in a rough surface rather than a soft one


lined finish

Linen stone is treated with a manufacturing process which produces a linen-like style or a rougher, raked look, depending on the intensity. 

See all these finishes and more at our three conveniently locationed showrooms in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palm City/Stuart.

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Bookmatched Slabs Explained

June 29, 2017 1:34:36 PM EDT

Bookmatching occurs when the veining and movement of an individual slab is mirrored in another slab. Meaning when placed end to end, the veining and movement carries on from one slab to the other creating a continuing flow or pattern. The process of Bookmatching occurs during manufacturing when alternating sides of the slab are polished. It adds cost and time to the finishing process and not all natural stone is suitable for bookmatching.  

Europa Quartzite

Natural stones with strong movement and veining are best suited for book-matching.  Many varieties of marble, quartzite and travertine have the right characteristics befitting a booknatched installation.

When considering your overall interior design, it is important to carefully consider the type of bookmatching: veincut vs crosscut.  Typically, bookmatched slabs manufactured crosscut offer the most dramatic and varied patterns where bookmatched veincut slabs offer a more structured and striated patterning.

Shown Here: Veincut Onyx Rainbow

Veincut bookmatched onyx rainbow

Whether you are incorporating a waterfall detail into your kitchen design, cladding your shower wall or creating a stunning focal point for your interior design, bookmatched slabs add a dramatic element to any project. Get inspired;  visit Marble of the World to see for yourself the dynamic beauty of our natural stone.

Shown Here: Crosscut Breccia Caprie Marble

crosscut bookmatched breccia caprie

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our products, contact our sales department.  Marble of the World is South Florida’s premier supplier for contractors, designers, architects and other trade professionals for natural stone and surfaces.  Contact us today to get a quote for your project

Shown Here: Bookmatched Breccia Caprie Marble

breccia caprie slabs

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Coral stone, marble and limestones featuring fossilize plant life, shells, small invertebrates and other organic elements have and continue to be in high demand throughout the south Florida market and other parts of the United States.  There are many factors that contribute to its popularity, we have listed our top three below.

Its unique characteristics: 

Inclusion of fossilized ancient shells, plant and marine life offers a truly one of a kind visual experience.  It connects the interior or exterior space to the natural elements and our ancient marine history in a truly profound way.  Mollusks including Ammonoids an extinct group of marine mollusk animals, trilobites, brachiopods, or other invertebrates are just a few of the fossils included in natural stone.

Shell stone tiles

Color Tone:

The majority of coral stone and those marble and limestones depicting fossilized matter are available in neutral colors ranging from very light creams to medium and dark beige colors.  The neutral palette provides a strong foundation from which to build your overall design. 

Versatility in application.

Depending on the color tone, size format and finish selected, this material will work within a variety of design styles.  A large format polished tile in a light cream color tone will blend perfectly in a contemporary elegant setting.  Whereas a standard or patterned honed tile in a medium to darker beige color tone compliment transitional and traditional design aesthetics.   It is used in flooring, countertop, cladding, interior and exterior installations.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about coral stone contact our sales department.  Marble of the World is South Florida’s premier supplier for contractors, designers, architects and other trade professionals for natural stone and surfaces.  Contact us today to get a quote for your project.

Pictured below: Bali Shells Marble

 Pictured below: Colossae Beige Fossil

Colossea Beige Fossil

 Pictured below: Shells Reef Coral Stone

shells reef coral stone

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Get ready for summer with natural stone.

June 16, 2017 11:40:49 AM EDT

The official start to summer is just days away.  Are your outdoor livings spaces up to the challenge?  , Family BBQ’s, evenings dining under the start, lively outdoor parties and all that summer brings is greatly enhanced by a beautiful outdoor space.

Create an inviting and engaging environment with natural stone and luxury hard surfaces.  It is the foundation for your interior and landscape design vision.  From patio furniture, paint colors, structural elements, outdoor kitchens, poolscapes and all facets of your outdoor settings are influenced by your choice of flooring and countertops surfaces.

When selecting flooring, there are a wide range of natural stones available.  Just introduced into the market and sold exclusively at Marble of the World is Bali Shells Marble.  Adding a charming and inviting component to your design, this alluring natural stone is available in various sizes and finishes; textured finishes for outdoor spaces with complimenting satin and polished finishes for interior environments.

For more contemporary designs, Bianco Palais limestone and the Vesuvius line of porcelain pavers are great options.   Whatever you choose, adding a natural stone and luxury hard will add beauty, function and flare surfaces to your outdoor living spaces for this and many more summers to come.

Marble of the World is South Florida’s premier supplier for contractors, designers, architects and other trade professionals for natural stone and surfaces.  Contact us today to get a quote for your project.

Pictured below - Bali Shells Reef Marble


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Achieving High Design With Contrast.

March 29, 2017 4:40:18 PM EDT

There are many design tools and techniques to help you achieve a high end look.   Once you have your project goals identified and a clear understanding of what you want to highlight or what you want to hide, designing with contrast is a very effective tool.

When we think of contrast we often think of color, but designing with contrast encompasses a whole range of options that goes far beyond just color.  There is contrast of hard and soft textures, shiny and matte reflective surfaces, large and small scale, and contrast of shapes.  But don’t just stop there, think outside the box; the pairing of elegant and everyday objects, modern and traditional pieces, repetition and patterns.  These are all pairings of contrast and when done right can elevate your interior and exterior spaces into high design.

Here is an example of contrast of color, patterns and reflective surfaces.  The Touch line has a unique collection of Italian porcelain tiles that perfectly brings together simplicity in shapes and elegance in color.  

Designing With Contrast - Touch Italian Porcelain


Contrast in shape and texture opens up a lot of possibilities.  Here is an example of contrast in color, shape and texture.  The curving lines of the furniture and the contrasting colors really focus the design but the Ital Bar-On feature wall is a show stopper; The polished concrete formed to resemble soft draping fabric is just stunning.

Designing with concrete -  Ital Bar On


And finally an example of both contrast in color and scale.  The polished Corsica Cream Marble floors provide the perfect backdrop to this stunning interior space.

Designing with Contrast - Color and Scale


Contact Marble of the World to learn more about our full line of natural stone and exotic surfaces.  Our experienced staff are here to assist you in all aspects from product selection to purchase.


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