Achieving High Design With Contrast.

March 29, 2017 4:40:18 PM EDT

There are many design tools and techniques to help you achieve a high end look.   Once you have your project goals identified and a clear understanding of what you want to highlight or what you want to hide, designing with contrast is a very effective tool.

When we think of contrast we often think of color, but designing with contrast encompasses a whole range of options that goes far beyond just color.  There is contrast of hard and soft textures, shiny and matte reflective surfaces, large and small scale, and contrast of shapes.  But don’t just stop there, think outside the box; the pairing of elegant and everyday objects, modern and traditional pieces, repetition and patterns.  These are all pairings of contrast and when done right can elevate your interior and exterior spaces into high design.

Here is an example of contrast of color, patterns and reflective surfaces.  The Touch line has a unique collection of Italian porcelain tiles that perfectly brings together simplicity in shapes and elegance in color.  

Designing With Contrast - Touch Italian Porcelain


Contrast in shape and texture opens up a lot of possibilities.  Here is an example of contrast in color, shape and texture.  The curving lines of the furniture and the contrasting colors really focus the design but the Ital Bar-On feature wall is a show stopper; The polished concrete formed to resemble soft draping fabric is just stunning.

Designing with concrete -  Ital Bar On


And finally an example of both contrast in color and scale.  The polished Corsica Cream Marble floors provide the perfect backdrop to this stunning interior space.

Designing with Contrast - Color and Scale


Contact Marble of the World to learn more about our full line of natural stone and exotic surfaces.  Our experienced staff are here to assist you in all aspects from product selection to purchase.


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Designing an outside kitchen or an entertainment area has its own design challenges; the natural elements, product durability, and your overall design goals all come into play.  Fortunately, there are a ton of options available to help you design that perfect outdoor space.

One design trend we absolutely love is the seamless integration of your interior and exterior living areas.  Blurring the lines from one to the other maximizes the look of your design while achieving a strong cohesive point of view. Choosing complimentary products or those that work in both interior and exterior applications is the key.

Vesuvius White Porcelain Paver 24"x24"x2CMFor flooring, there are a number of natural stone and porcelain options.  When choosing natural stone select tiles in the same color tone.  For example, a polished or honed corsica cream marble pared with a brushed shells reef coral stone blends together to create a consistent color palate.  Another option, it to choose a natural stone available in multiple finishes, such as polished, honed, leathered or brushed.  Remember natural stone allows you to customize your order.  So if you find that perfect stone, you can always special order it in the finish of your choice.

Many porcelain lines have both interior and exterior options.    For example, Landstone has tile for inside and the same colors in a grip finish for outside use.  Cross Wood and Vesuvius have similar choices with the added benefit of 2CM porcelain paving options. (pictured above: vesuvius white 24"x24"x2CM Paver) 

There are some additional challenges involved when selecting countertops for exterior applications.   The Impact of ambient hot and cold temperatures and the influence of UV light are added factors to consider in addition to scratch & heat resistance, absorption ratio and overall durability.  For this reason, engineered quarts and many recycled glass countertops are not recommended for exterior installations due to the resin used in the manufacturing process which will yellow in UV light and extreme heat conditions.   Natural stone and other manmade products are popular countertop choices

Geoluxe Kitchen

(pictured here: GEOLUXE Kitchen)

Just introduced into the US market, GEOLUXE is a new countertop product ideally suited for interior and exterior applications.  Created with Geomimicry technology, GEOLUXE is the world’s only Pyrolithic Stone.  What makes this product so unique is its resistance to UV light/fading, resistance to heat, scratching, etching and has no porosity and absorption.  It is fade resistant and is highly durable with low maintenance.  Even better unlike other porcelain countertops, GEOLUXE is full-bodied meaning it requires no mitering when fabricated. 

The options are almost unlimited for natural stone countertops, but not all natural stones are  recommended for exterior use.  Unlike GEOLUXE, UV light will fade natural stone over time.  Careful consideration of the stone's use and placement is important.  Your natural stone provider will help you make the best choice for your project.

Marble of the World is South Florida’s premier supplier for contractors, designers, atchitects and other trade professionals for natural stone and surfaces.  Contact us today to get a quote for your project.


 Pictured bellow - GEOLUXE Countertops

GEOLUXE Countertop

GEOLUXE Countertop

GEOLUXE Countertop

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River White Granite Is Truly Beautiful

January 19, 2017 11:16:09 AM EST

Originating from India, River White Granite is a beautiful soft white granite with grey veinging and burgundy specks. The veining mimics a “river” pattern, with each slab maintaining its own unique patterns and coloring. The traverse grey and burgundy veining contrasting against the stone’s natural off-white color creates an aesthetically pleasing stone.

The River White Granite is a great cost effective alternative to white marble, compared to marble it is more durable, and when properly sealed protected against moisture intrustion. It is recommended that the granite is resealed every year to ensure longevity. An exceptional upside of this granite is pleasant colot tones in any lighting situation. Unlike some other natural stones which can look dramitically different in natural light versus artificial light, River white's subtle colors makes it easily parable with a variety of different cabinet and appliance colors.

River White Granite is an ideal natural stone that is used in a wide variety of home applications.  River White Granite’s color characteristics, versatility, and enduring qualities make it a marvelous investment for any home.

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What is Calacatta Gold Marble?

January 19, 2017 10:51:37 AM EST

Calacatta Gold Marble is one of the most sought-after home materials. Derived from Italy, this natural stone is considered by many to be the finest luxury marble available in the world. Calacatta Gold Marble is a beautiful white marble with dramatic, unstructured deep grey veining and occasional gold highlights. Since marble is naturally created, the distinct veining is unique across individual slabs, which is what gives the stone its unique personality and character. The bright white background of the marble is ideal for illuminating a room and creating a vivacious, clean environment.

Overall the marble has a global appeal with designers and architects due to its distinct veining and colors working very well with both cool and warm tones. Additionally, Calacatta Gold Marble is available in both polished and honed finishes. The polished finish is a shiny, glossy finish that most people are accustomed to when it comes to marble use for kitchen and bathroom applications. On the other hand, the honed finish is a softer, matte finish, which puts more emphasizes on the natural beauty of the stone. This finish is popular for its subtle appearance. While the polished finish is generally easier to clean, the honed finish is a creamier aesthetic that allows the finest detailing of the marble to truly be seen.

Calacatta Gold Marble is an ideal natural stone that is used in a wide variety of home applications and even corporate offices. Because Calacatta Gold Marble is a luxury stone, it is mostly utilized in highly visible areas. Calacatta marble countertops are found both in executive boardrooms as well as in today’s designer homes. In upscale houses, it is most commonly found in the kitchen as countertops and backsplashes. As well as in elegant bathrooms and flooring. Additionally, it is also being used more throughout the home as accents and around fireplaces. 

Marble of the World is South Florida’s premier supplier for contractors, designers and fabricators looking for natural stone.  Contact us today to get a quote for your project. 

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The Most Exotic Marble Slabs for Sale in 2016

October 3, 2016 4:59:32 PM EDT

When it comes to sourcing marble slabs, there are many factors to consider before purchasing the marble you need to complete your client’s project. Finding a distributor with the selection and quality you need is paramount.  Having an impressive and varied selection to choose from, gives your client the confidence that you are able to meet their design goals and possess the qualities they want in a contractor or interior designer.  After all, not having the right product to select from not only puts your project at risk but may give your client the wrong impression.  By partnering with the right distributor you elevate your business and your client’s buying experience.

One of marble’s best advantages is its versatility; today’s market offers many different marble types with new and existing products introduced every day.  With a wide range of colors, movement, finishes and unique characteristics, there is something to appeal to everyone’s tastes and the needs for your marble project. 

Sometimes, the best product decisions are those you never considered or new about.   Interior designers and contractors who can offer eclectic and one-of-a-kind options to their clients leave the door open for finding that exclusive material that set the project apart from the rest.  Not to mention impressing them with a stunning selection.  Clients searching for exotic marble slabs to create a unique outcome, want rarity and quality. The following list contains some of today’s most popular exotic marble slabs creating the most buzz and trending with today’s design community. 

Calacatta Extra

An exclusive white marble, Calacatta Extra features a clean white background accented with gray veining in medium and dark tones. This marble offer an element of sophistication and modernity to any project.  With the introduction of 1.2CM large format tiles, the thin format flooring offers a considerable decrease in weight for easier handling and installation with the added benefit of environment sustainability.  The thin format tiles and the availability of slabs make this a favorite among homeowners and trade professionals looking for a cohesive look.


Eye catching and dramatic aptly describe Scandalous marble. This statement product features bold veining of gold, black, green and blue waves on a light white background.  With its strong contract and movement, scandalous creates a unique and compelling visual ideal for those wanting to add a punch of the unexpected in their interior design.

Mystery White

An eye-catching and exotic type of marble, Mystery White is a favorite of many homeowners this year. This exclusive marble type is a crisp white marble with occasional subtle crystalline feathering.  It being a lightness and sophistication to both countertop and flooring applications.  It offers the ideal foundation to highlight your design style.  Anyone looking to bring a project to the next level and turn an ordinary design into something extraordinary would benefit from the elegant and refined appearance offered by Mystery White marble.

Sky White

With a truly exotic and elegant look, Sky White marble is the perfect addition to any home looking to pull off a classy and modern atmosphere. This pale blue-gray colored marble is accented with veins of a deep grey. Available in a polished finish, this stone brings an inviting element to spaces while adding a modern touch.  It offers a truly unique appearance anyone would love.

Black Wood

As its name might convey, Black Wood marble is a type of marble that has a look similar to wood. A darker toned marble, this selection has banded lines across it, giving this natural stone a timeless and sophisticated appearance. Its wooded look offers a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere to any project it is installed in and is reminiscent of nature. An exotic and different aesthetic, this stone combines the earthiness of wood with the superior quality that comes with marble.

Atlantis Grey

Tasteful and trendy, Atlantis Grey marble combines a number of elements that come together to create a look that would complement nearly any room it is installed. The blending of medium and lighter gray tones that are interspersed throughout the material are united by thin, dramatic veiled lines, making the result of this stone flawless. This is a surefire way for anyone looking to put a “wow” factor in a room.

Get in touch with us today!

Are you looking for new selections and the best quality of marble to offer clients? Any of the above will make a great impression on your customers and will result in spectacular spaces. With such a large variety of stones readily available in-stock, we are a leading provider of marble tile and slabs to trade professionals. If you think any of these popular, exotic options are what your clients may require, get in touch with us at Marble of the World today.

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