Designing an outside kitchen or an entertainment area has its own design challenges; the natural elements, product durability, and your overall design goals all come into play.  Fortunately, there are a ton of options available to help you design that perfect outdoor space.

One design trend we absolutely love is the seamless integration of your interior and exterior living areas.  Blurring the lines from one to the other maximizes the look of your design while achieving a strong cohesive point of view. Choosing complimentary products or those that work in both interior and exterior applications is the key.

Vesuvius White Porcelain Paver 24"x24"x2CMFor flooring, there are a number of natural stone and porcelain options.  When choosing natural stone select tiles in the same color tone.  For example, a polished or honed corsica cream marble pared with a brushed shells reef coral stone blends together to create a consistent color palate.  Another option, it to choose a natural stone available in multiple finishes, such as polished, honed, leathered or brushed.  Remember natural stone allows you to customize your order.  So if you find that perfect stone, you can always special order it in the finish of your choice.

Many porcelain lines have both interior and exterior options.    For example, Landstone has tile for inside and the same colors in a grip finish for outside use.  Cross Wood and Vesuvius have similar choices with the added benefit of 2CM porcelain paving options. (pictured above: vesuvius white 24"x24"x2CM Paver) 

There are some additional challenges involved when selecting countertops for exterior applications.   The Impact of ambient hot and cold temperatures and the influence of UV light are added factors to consider in addition to scratch & heat resistance, absorption ratio and overall durability.  For this reason, engineered quarts and many recycled glass countertops are not recommended for exterior installations due to the resin used in the manufacturing process which will yellow in UV light and extreme heat conditions.   Natural stone and other manmade products are popular countertop choices

Geoluxe Kitchen

(pictured here: GEOLUXE Kitchen)

Just introduced into the US market, GEOLUXE is a new countertop product ideally suited for interior and exterior applications.  Created with Geomimicry technology, GEOLUXE is the world’s only Pyrolithic Stone.  What makes this product so unique is its resistance to UV light/fading, resistance to heat, scratching, etching and has no porosity and absorption.  It is fade resistant and is highly durable with low maintenance.  Even better unlike other porcelain countertops, GEOLUXE is full-bodied meaning it requires no mitering when fabricated. 

The options are almost unlimited for natural stone countertops, but not all natural stones are  recommended for exterior use.  Unlike GEOLUXE, UV light will fade natural stone over time.  Careful consideration of the stone's use and placement is important.  Your natural stone provider will help you make the best choice for your project.

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 Pictured bellow - GEOLUXE Countertops

GEOLUXE Countertop

GEOLUXE Countertop

GEOLUXE Countertop