Calacatta Gold Marble is one of the most sought-after home materials. Derived from Italy, this natural stone is considered by many to be the finest luxury marble available in the world. Calacatta Gold Marble is a beautiful white marble with dramatic, unstructured deep grey veining and occasional gold highlights. Since marble is naturally created, the distinct veining is unique across individual slabs, which is what gives the stone its unique personality and character. The bright white background of the marble is ideal for illuminating a room and creating a vivacious, clean environment.

Overall the marble has a global appeal with designers and architects due to its distinct veining and colors working very well with both cool and warm tones. Additionally, Calacatta Gold Marble is available in both polished and honed finishes. The polished finish is a shiny, glossy finish that most people are accustomed to when it comes to marble use for kitchen and bathroom applications. On the other hand, the honed finish is a softer, matte finish, which puts more emphasizes on the natural beauty of the stone. This finish is popular for its subtle appearance. While the polished finish is generally easier to clean, the honed finish is a creamier aesthetic that allows the finest detailing of the marble to truly be seen.

Calacatta Gold Marble is an ideal natural stone that is used in a wide variety of home applications and even corporate offices. Because Calacatta Gold Marble is a luxury stone, it is mostly utilized in highly visible areas. Calacatta marble countertops are found both in executive boardrooms as well as in today’s designer homes. In upscale houses, it is most commonly found in the kitchen as countertops and backsplashes. As well as in elegant bathrooms and flooring. Additionally, it is also being used more throughout the home as accents and around fireplaces. 

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