Originating from India, River White Granite is a beautiful soft white granite with grey veinging and burgundy specks. The veining mimics a “river” pattern, with each slab maintaining its own unique patterns and coloring. The traverse grey and burgundy veining contrasting against the stone’s natural off-white color creates an aesthetically pleasing stone.

The River White Granite is a great cost effective alternative to white marble, compared to marble it is more durable, and when properly sealed protected against moisture intrustion. It is recommended that the granite is resealed every year to ensure longevity. An exceptional upside of this granite is pleasant colot tones in any lighting situation. Unlike some other natural stones which can look dramitically different in natural light versus artificial light, River white's subtle colors makes it easily parable with a variety of different cabinet and appliance colors.

River White Granite is an ideal natural stone that is used in a wide variety of home applications.  River White Granite’s color characteristics, versatility, and enduring qualities make it a marvelous investment for any home.