Color Contrast Black and White

High Contrast - Black and White Design


Found in nature, the combination of black and white often serves a powerful purpose; whatever the intent, these colors are always a striking visual for our senses. 


As within nature, black and white in design creates a dramatic environment. Depending on your design style, this combination provides an endless array of opportunities.



Whether your decor calls for an element of sophistication, elegance or whimsy, incorporating this color combination is an impactful way to achieve your goal.


Used in flooring, white tile gives the fresh and clean look many of today’s minimalistic and modern décors demand.  Incorporating countertops showcasing both of these colors brings a sense of sophistication and that unexpected surprise that elevates a room from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Black and White Kitchen


Below are a few examples of natural stone tiles and slabs that combine the shade and characteristics perfect for your next high contrast black and white design.


Opaline Krystal Tile and Slabs

Silver Wave Marble Slabs



Corsica Cream

Corsica Cream Tiles and Slabs

Isis White Tiles and Salbs

Fantasy Black Slabs

Black Night Slabs

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