elegant brown in a leather finish

Make a statement with your counter top

Over the last few years, alternative finishes for stone counter tops have increased in popularity.  Today’s customers are not only looking for exceptional quality but also for that signature design element that will give their project a unique quality.


Color and Texture

By selecting a leather finish, today’s customers are able to reinvent the look and feel of their installation.  A leather finish brings out subtle nuances and textures sometimes overshadowed by a traditional polish finish.  Colors translate differently and the overall impact can be dramatically enhanced by simply changing the texture and feel of the counter top.


Don't be afraid to combine finishes

Combining the two can bring the best of both worlds together.  We have seen the use of one material installed for the kitchen counter top complimented by a secondary material for the Island.  Why not use the same material for both but alternate the finish allowing the stone to resonate in both forms.