In a lot of ways the New Year allows us to begin anew with a clean slate.  Many of us start January 1st with a list of resolutions or goals.  This year we wondered how many of those can be accomplished with stone.


For those in & out of the stone industry, let’s see what stone can do for you in 2012;




1.  Travel and see the world.  Explore new destinations and famous sites while attending stone shows.  From Brazil, Egypt, Turkey, China and Italy stones fairs showcase the newest products and innovations in some of the worlds most famous cities. 

2.  Learn something new.  Education yourself about natural stone and the science of geology.

3.  Give to Charity.  Many companies involved in the stone industry are active members of charitable organizations and good causes.  Marble of the World has donated the stone for Lynn University’s Memorial Plaza.  Click here to learn how you can help.  

4.  Lose weight. Many of us take up jogging in an effort to lose those holiday pounds. Why not choose a scenic path showcasing natural stone installations.  Fort Lauderdale’s riverwalk winds around some of our city’s most beautiful buildings, many of which have stone cladding and accents.      

5.  Learn to manage stress: In today’s fasted paced society we all need to find a way to relax.  Throughout time heated stones have been used to heat homes and in sacred rituals.  De-stress your life by starting a new ritual this year by treating yourself to a hot stone massage.


These are just a few ideas on how natural stone can improved your 2012.  We would love to hear if you have any suggestions or ideas.  Happy New year from Marble of the World.