remembrance plaza

Remembrance Plaza


Marble Of The World, donated exotic stone valued at more than $250,000 for the Lynn University Remembrance Plaza, unveiled today at a dedication ceremony at the university’s Boca Raton, FL campus. Remembrance Plaza is a permanent tribute that honors and tells the story of four Lynn University students and two professors who perished during the January 2010 Journey of Hope to Haiti.



The students and faculty arrived one day prior to the devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake that interrupted their plans and created the darkest day in the university’s history. With his son attending Lynn University at the time and educated by one of the professors who died, Mr. Charles Urso, CEO of Marble Of The World, felt the need to get involved in the development of Remembrance Plaza. Mr. Urso generously donated more than $250,000 worth of exotic stone to help the university honor the students and faculty in a special way.


      Pictured above:

      Charles & Susan Urso with Cherylann  & Len Gengel, parents of Britney Gengel, & Jean & John Gianacaci, parents of Christine Gianacaci



“We are deeply touched to be able to play such a significant role in Remembrance Plaza and we realize the magnitude this place of reflection will have on current and future generations,” said Charles Urso. “The tragic events of Haiti were felt far beyond our South Florida community and Remembrance Plaza will touch the lives of many for generations to come.”




       Pictured above:

       David Gerrits of Gerrits Construction, Luis Sousa of Sousa Architecture and Charles Urso of Marble of the World speak at the unveiling of

       Lynn University's Remembrance Plaza.


Quarried in Madagascar and produced in Italy, the exotic granite stone was chosen because of its unique ability to beautifully enhance the prisms and cascading water leading into the reflection pool. Named Labradorite Blue Australe, the granite’s deep blue and green tones are brought out in the dimensional stone giving an optical effect of multiple layers. More specifically, the blue reflective qualities compliment the prism because of a rainbow effect that is presented.


flowers                                          Dedecation Ceremony

       Flowers left at the Remembrance Plaza                                                 Speaking: Lynn University President Kevin Ross