For many nothing surpasses the luxury, unique qualities and characteristics of natural stone. As no two installations are ever the same, there is something inherently special about using natural stone in your interior and exterior environments. However, for some, the ease of care from man-made products is the deciding factor. For these homeowners, Italian porcelain tile offers the sophisticated aesthetic they desire coupled with the durability and low maintenance they need.

Porcelain tile flooring can easily endure heavy foot traffic in both residential and commercial installations. Highly resistant to stain, scratch and moisture it offers peace of mind for the active and busy household.


Today’s market offers a wide range of porcelain tile to choose from; none more sophisticated or elegant than Roberto Cavalli Home Collection. This superior quality tile series unites the famed designer's creativity, style and design philosophy into an exceptional flooring option for the modern interior design. These imported porcelain tiles offer a chic range of colors from soft creams to dramatic dark grays


Also, new to the market, porcelain pavers are fast becoming a hot item. Ideal for both interior and exterior installation, this versatile product allows for continual flow and continuity when used throughout the home's inside and outside livingspaces.

Roberto Cavalli Home Collection tile

Pictured above: Agata Azzuro and Agata Bianco


With so many natural stone tile and man-made products to choose from, making your final selection may seem daunting. Make sure whatever you choose is something you love and ask yourself “how do you feel about my flooring?” Are you the type of person who needs your surface to look exactly as it did on the day you purchased it, or do you love the unique feel and characteristics of natural stone? Are you the type of person who will maintain your natural stone flooring or are you looking for maintenance free product.

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