(shown above: bookmatched scandalous marble slabs)


Just like in the fashion world, the natural stone industry has it’s very own “fashion week”; and where might you wonder does this extraordinary event take place? In Italy of course, from September 26 through October 1, Verona Italy is the showplace for all manner of natural stone, stone design and technology.  Over 67,000 visitors from 150 countries are expected to attend this year’s MARMOMACC Stone Fair, and the MOTW team can’t wait.  As we are always on the lookout for the newest, most exciting and innovative products, our expert-purchasing department lives for moments like these. 


Now you might be thinking that our buyers travel the world throughout the year and you would be right.  How else could we bring you such eye catching natural stones like Scandalous Marble!


(shown above: phot render bookmatched scandalous slabs)


But absolutely nothing compares to MARMOMAC.  Think of it as the ultimate eye candy for the geologist and natural stone aficionado in all of us.   So stay in touch and check back to see what new and wonderful items are on the way …… visit our showroom and discover the perfect stone for your next project.