stone trends


Large format tiles and beautiful outdoor living spaces will continue to be a hot trend in 2012.  It is no wonder these trends remain strong in the design and architectural community.  Today’s homeowners want to create the perfect environments for spending time with family and friends.  Modern society means long hours and creating a space to relax is key.


Isis White 36"x36"For interior spaces, large format tiles mean fewer grout lines and a more even and continual surface.  This is especially popular in South Florida where bigger is better and a clean look is highly desired.


For commercial projects and the environmentally concerned homeowner, large format tiles provides a longer life cycle than other flooring products adding a benefit of sustainability .

shown above: Isis White 36" x 36" tiles   


Bianco Palais large format tilesOutdoor living areas have become a reflection of our home’s interior spaces.  It is no longer a secondary concern but rather foremost in the minds of today’s homeowners.   Our outside livings spaces can and should be just as beautiful and as our interior spaces.


South Florida has always had a tradition of outdoor living spaces.  Our “Florida Rooms” have graced our homes for decades.  Only now our options seem endless and our designs only limited by our imagination. 


shown above: Bianco Palais, large format tiles 


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