stone trends


Stripes have always held a place in design and fashion.  Never truly out of style, stripes have made a big comeback this year.   Looking to totally reinvent or just add a punch to your living spaces?  Stripes are suitable for any style.


equator White marble

Endless Possibilities


Whether you want to make a bold statement or just add a little whimsy to your room, using the right stripe technique opens the door to endless possibilities.


Shown Left: Equator White Marble





Things to consider


Vertical stripes on the walls will draw the eye up and visually help add height to a space. 


Horizontal stripes will force a side-to-side gaze that will widen a smaller room.


Make an impact

One dramatic moment of stripes is often all you need to enliven a room.


Stone as a source for your inspiration.

When we consider stripes in our home décor, we often think of using accessory pieces, rugs, wall paper and paint to meet our design goals. Next time consider using natural stone. Flooring, countertops, accent tables, walls and fireplaces are just a few ways to combine the luxury of natural stone and the dramatic impact of stripes into your design style.


Check out some of our natrul stone with stripe detailing: Onyx Jade Green, Onyx Avorio, Silver Travertine, Equator White, Autumn Ashes and Elegant Brown