Bookmatching occurs when the veining and movement of an individual slab is mirrored in another slab. Meaning when placed end to end, the veining and movement carries on from one slab to the other creating a continuing flow or pattern. The process of Bookmatching occurs during manufacturing when alternating sides of the slab are polished. It adds cost and time to the finishing process and not all natural stone is suitable for bookmatching.  

Europa Quartzite

Natural stones with strong movement and veining are best suited for book-matching.  Many varieties of marble, quartzite and travertine have the right characteristics befitting a booknatched installation.

When considering your overall interior design, it is important to carefully consider the type of bookmatching: veincut vs crosscut.  Typically, bookmatched slabs manufactured crosscut offer the most dramatic and varied patterns where bookmatched veincut slabs offer a more structured and striated patterning.

Shown Here: Veincut Onyx Rainbow

Veincut bookmatched onyx rainbow

Whether you are incorporating a waterfall detail into your kitchen design, cladding your shower wall or creating a stunning focal point for your interior design, bookmatched slabs add a dramatic element to any project. Get inspired;  visit Marble of the World to see for yourself the dynamic beauty of our natural stone.

Shown Here: Crosscut Breccia Caprie Marble

crosscut bookmatched breccia caprie

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Shown Here: Bookmatched Breccia Caprie Marble

breccia caprie slabs