Coral stone, marble and limestones featuring fossilize plant life, shells, small invertebrates and other organic elements have and continue to be in high demand throughout the south Florida market and other parts of the United States.  There are many factors that contribute to its popularity, we have listed our top three below.

Its unique characteristics: 

Inclusion of fossilized ancient shells, plant and marine life offers a truly one of a kind visual experience.  It connects the interior or exterior space to the natural elements and our ancient marine history in a truly profound way.  Mollusks including Ammonoids an extinct group of marine mollusk animals, trilobites, brachiopods, or other invertebrates are just a few of the fossils included in natural stone.

Shell stone tiles

Color Tone:

The majority of coral stone and those marble and limestones depicting fossilized matter are available in neutral colors ranging from very light creams to medium and dark beige colors.  The neutral palette provides a strong foundation from which to build your overall design. 

Versatility in application.

Depending on the color tone, size format and finish selected, this material will work within a variety of design styles.  A large format polished tile in a light cream color tone will blend perfectly in a contemporary elegant setting.  Whereas a standard or patterned honed tile in a medium to darker beige color tone compliment transitional and traditional design aesthetics.   It is used in flooring, countertop, cladding, interior and exterior installations.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about coral stone contact our sales department.  Marble of the World is South Florida’s premier supplier for contractors, designers, architects and other trade professionals for natural stone and surfaces.  Contact us today to get a quote for your project.

Pictured below: Bali Shells Marble

 Pictured below: Colossae Beige Fossil

Colossea Beige Fossil

 Pictured below: Shells Reef Coral Stone

shells reef coral stone

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