Marble tile just became Thin, Light & Large.  Until recently, the challenges of large format tile installations were more easily met with the use of porcelain tiles.  However, with the availability of 1.2CM Thin natural stone tile, that’s not true any longer.  New manufacturing techniques and processing systems have allowed large format natural stone tiles to rival the ease and convenience previously held by porcelain.  For those wanting the unique and one-of-a-kind look of natural stone in a large format tile, things just go a whole lot easier and beautiful!

Over the last few years we have seen large format tiles evolve from a new trend into a frequent and in some markets the preferred choice for flooring and wall installations.   Nowhere more than in south Florida where requests for large format tiles have surged with increasing demands for larger and larger tiles.

It is easy to understand why large format tiles continue to gain in popularity.   For designers and homeowners alike, the open look and reduced grout lines achieve the desired look and feel for their design projects.   With so many South Florida interior and commercial projects using open floor plans and expansive spaces in their design, large format tiles reach that desired effect.

However, the use of large format tile comes with some installation challenges.  The type of substrate, weight of the tile, difficulty of installation and specialty equipment and materials are just a few considerations when installing large format tile.  For most, weight posed the biggest challenge.

Incredibly thin and light, yet maintaining the usual resistance of marble tile, the launch of 1.2CM stone tile is the marble industries response to the market demand for ease of handling, cost reduction and environmental sustainability.  The thin format provides a considerable decrease in weight for easier handling and installation.  With a wide range of colors and sizes including 48”x48” book-match tiles, Marble of the World offers a sophisticated selection of 1.2CM thin marble tile.  Visit our showroom or contact our sales department for full product details. Click here to view our Calacatta Extra Marble available in 1.2CM thinkness.