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Gray is continuing its run as a popular neutral hue in homes. It's still a bit of an unconventional choice as the predominant color in a kitchen, but that is quickly changing, as evidenced by the increasing number of gorgeous gray kitchens appearing on Houzz.


Gray can appear austere and chilly compared to its warmer neutral counterparts, beige and tan. The trick to working with it is to pair it with a warm material, such as wood, or a contrasting hot and bold hue, such as red, orange or yellow. A gray kitchen may not be the best choice if you live someplace with year-round cool, overcast and rainy days, but it's an excellent color for a kitchen in a hot climate — it will give your kitchen a cool and elegant vibe.


Check out the top gray paint picks for kitchens below.  Click on the paint picks to see 10 tasty kitchens on Houzz that feature this elegant hue.