White marble kitchen countertop

Over the last few years, we have seen a resurgence in the use of white marble for kitchen countertops. Whether your design aesthetic is modern, contemporary or traditional, this versatile material enhances and compliments your design style.

Many of our customers love the look of white marble but have concerns about its durability as a kitchen countertop. In Europe, marble had been used in kitchens for hundreds of years. Many of these homeowners embrace the unique characteristics of their decades old countertops. Rather than re-polishing the surface, they often allow the countertop to create its own history within the patina and surface texture that develops.

Before you make your final section, below are just a few helpful hints, tips and questions you should ask yourself before choosing the perfect countertop for your home.
Advantages: Natural stone is long-lasting and can perform for decades while maintaining is elegance. Unlike other products, white marble has a wide selections of choices to choose from. Ability to refinish: marble countertops can be re-polished and restored to a like new appearance.

Disadvantages: Marble is softer and more porous than granite, meaning it scratches and stains easier. Acidic foods cause surface etching.

Maintenance:  Make sure to seal your marble. This will protect your countertop from etching and surface staining. Your sealed stone is not impregnable, but the sealer will buy time if you’ve left an acidic substance on your surface that was not wiped up right away. You'll want to seal your marble every year or two with an impregnating water-based sealer. You can also spot treat your marble with a cleaner/sealer spray. This is great for everyday use and for those high traffic areas. Marble of the World has a wide range of Stonetech DuPonte products specifically made for the maintenance and care of natural stone.  Visit our stone care page for more information.

Hint: When sealed, polished and honed marble are both equally resistant to staining. If you are the type of person who notices every little imperfection, opt for a honed surface to help hide any etching from acidic foods.


Finally, ask yourself “how do you feel about my kitchen countertop”? Are you the type of person who needs your surface to look exactly as it did on the day you purchased it, or do you love the unique feel and characteristics of natural stone?  Are you the type of person who will maintain your marble or are you looking for maintenance free product. 


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Photo Credit: Photography by Ron Rosenzweig